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 Solar Brother
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Solar Brother

Free, available, powerful and sustainable,

We are convinced that concentrated solar energy is one of the main energy sources of the 3rd millennium. We believe in people and their ability to move towards innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. It is with commitment and passion that we are spreading this remarkable energy so that its knowledge and use is accessible to all.

Solar Brother® democratizes the experience and use of concentrated... more...

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solar energy by combining innovation and knowledge transfer.

Thanks to a French design, we are developing a range of ingenious, high-performance & sustainable solar products for the “small outdoor”. From young camper to gourmet, our products are aimed at weekend explorers, experience buffs and lovers of conviviality.

In addition, Solar Brother® provides everyone with open source plans and instructions for use (downloadable free of charge) to carry out all kinds of self-construction designs: portable solar cooker, solar barbecue, solar water heater, children’s solar oven (etc.).

“Together, let’s make the planet sunny”
Together we can achieve beautiful things! We unite women and men around this project based on the values of sharing, responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable development. We are open to all those who want to live this unique experience and build a radiant world.

Welcome to the Solar Brother family!